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Atmosphere is El Al’s in-flight magazine. The magazine is distributed in the first of every month in all El Al flights (arrivals, departures and charter flights) for the benefit of all passengers and is found in each seat pocket of each seat on every El Al flight

El Al Israel Airlines is Israel’s national airline, and is responsible for at least half of the flights arriving and departing from Israel

Every week, the company operates hundreds of direct flights to as many as 49 destinations in Europe, Asia and North America with 1800 flights per month. El Al is flying over 4.5 million passengers, an average of more than 500,000 passengers during peak months and approximately 300,000 during regular months.

Atmosphera El Al

The reading conditions on a flight are taken into consideration and the magazine is clearly structured, with many interesting photos, attractive design and brief articles. The content is always new and updated and recommendations and tips are provided for visitors.

The magazine is divided into two parts: for Hebrew speakers and for English speakers.

El Al Passenger Profile: middle to high socioeconomic background with an even distribution between men and women.
Peak seasons: In Passover, the summer months and the High Holidays there is a marked increase in the travel of families.

Atmosphera digital magazine

Atmosphera is a very popular magazine, both with readers and advertisers.
One could say that the readers of this magazine are truly a “captive audience”.

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